How to mute Microsoft Teams meetings audio?

Here’s a question from Cynthia: Just started to work with a customer that uses Microsoft Teams for their meetings. Unfortunately, the meetings held during the afternoon typically start late, so if possible i would be happy to enter the meeting as a participant with my audio muted, so i can continue to discuss with my … Read more

How to print SharePoint lists and files?

Here’s a short question we just got from Amanda: I work as an IT coordinator. My manager decided that we will use SharePoint in order to track hardware and software issues our users encounter. Although our Issue Tracker is pretty rudimentary (as it was built from a pre-delivered template), it has been well acceptedn by … Read more

Fix Microsoft Teams speaker not working issues

Here’s a question from Mathilda: I just bought new speakers from my work Windows 10 computer and those are connected in parallel to my Bluetooth headsets. Whenever i participate in a Teams meeting, i can hear the audio very well on my headsets, but can’t hear anything from the speakers. Any ideas on how to … Read more

How to find and show hidden chats in Teams?

Here’s a question from Mick: So far we used Skype for chat and group collaboration, but now transitioning to Microsoft Teams is in full swing. One difficulty i encountered when using the Teams app on Windows and web was to find specific conversations in the Chat app. I am sure that i have chatted with … Read more