How to switch to the gallery grid in Microsoft Teams?

Here’s a question from Dana: I work as a finance controller for a multinational corporation with many offices in overseas countries. With the freeze on business travel, we now often participate on Microsoft Teams meetings on a periodic basis and are definitely encouraged to turn on our video cameras during the meeting, which is good … Read more

How to add images to Teams chat and posts?

Microsoft Teams allows to add your own pictures / photos/ images to share on a meeting chat, one to one chat, or in a channel post. There are several ways to do this, read along for the details. Post pictures in Teams chat Option 1: You can drag and drop from your personal computer local … Read more

How to open Teams files in desktop apps by default?

Here’s question that we receive the other from John: I use Microsoft Teams to share Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and some Word documents collectively with colleagues and customers. We keep those in the Files tab of our working group Teams channel. By default, files open up in the Teams viewer, which makes sense, because not … Read more

How to cancel read receipts in Teams chats?

Here’s a quick question from Katy: My organization is a pretty heavy user of Microsoft Teams in several departments: purchasing, marketing, sales and finance. As a marketing coordinator, i get several dozens of chat messages on a daily basis. As i am quite swamped with work (who isn’t?) i read through the chat notifications, but … Read more