Why can’t i record meetings in Microsoft Teams?

Here’s a question that we got from Tanja: For years i worked mainly with Zoom, but lately moved into a new role in a company that has extensive usage of Microsoft Teams. I use the Windows version on my laptop. I have a question about recording meetings in Teams. It’s kind of puzzling but from … Read more

Fix Teams folders stopped syncing to OneDrive issues.

Last week we received the following question from Ronda: I can access my Microsoft Teams Channel files from my OneDrive in my Windows computer’s File Explorer. The files are synced locally to my computer for offline access So far so good. The thing is that lately, my Microsoft Teams files stopped syncing up to my … Read more

How to shorten and rename links in Microsoft Teams?

Here’s a question from Monica: I often use the Microsoft Teams Chat app in order to send links to web pages, SharePoint documents and other Teams channels. The problem is that often times, the link text is pretty long and doesn’t look very neat. Is there a way to rename a link in Microsoft Teams, … Read more