How to change the default meeting duration in Microsoft Teams?

Here’s a question from Daniel:

I work as an executive assistant in a multinational company. I have noted that lately some of the Teams meeting requests i get are planned to start later (typically 5 minutes into the hour) or end up earlier than the bottom or top of the hour. Any idea on how to configure Outlook or Teams to shorten the default meeting length of 30 or 60 minutes by 5 or 10 minutes. I would also be glad to set 15 minutes if possible, but that also currently seems impossible in the Microsoft Teams Calendar app. Thanks for your answer.

Set Teams meetings length to end early or start late

Assuming that you use Microsoft Outlook and have Teams set as your default meeting provider, you can shorten your default meeting length. Note that customizing meeting duration beyond the default values of 30 or 60 minutes is currently not supported in the Teams calendar.

To change your default Teams meeting duration from Outlook, proceed as following:

  1. In Outlook, hit the File command.
  2. Then select Options, and pick the Outlook Options Calendar tab.
  3. In the Calendar Options section, set the default duration for appointments and meetings (step 1).
  4. Then define whether your meetings will be shortened by starting late or end later (step 2).
  5. Last define the time duration which will be removed from your meetings 3.
  6. Hit OK.

That’s it – from now on, any Teams meetings you organize via Outlook will be shortened as defined.

Note: the process above will work on Windows, but also in Outlook for macOS.

Switch to old default Teams meeting length

In case that you are interested to restore back to back meetings, proceed as following:

  1. In the Microsoft Outlook Ribbon , hit File.
  2. Hit Options
  3. Then select Calendar.
  4. Uncheck the Shorten appointments and meetings checkbox.
  5. Hit OK.

From now on, all meetings that you will set from Outlook will be booked for 30 or 60 minutes by default. That said, you can always make your best to end your meeting earlier :-).

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