How to group by multiple columns in R DataFrames?

To aggregate data in an R dataFrame you can use the code below: Aggregating R data by multiple categorical variables Step 1: Install dplyr package If the dplyr package is not yet installed in your environment make sure to install it using the following command: Alternatively consider installing tidyverse, which is a mega library of … Read more

How to merge multiple DataFrame columns into one in R?

To merge two or more R DataFrame columns into one, use one of the following options: Sample DataFrame Before getting started, go ahead and import the tidyverse package, which delivers libraries we’ll be using such as tydr and stringr- but also other key libraries such as dplyr and ggplot2. We then create a simple DataFrame … Read more

How to group DataFrame columns in R by month?

To group R DataFrame data by month proceed as following: Here’s the R code to use: Grouping R data by month – Practical Example Create DataFrame We’ll start by importing the tidyverse library , or alternatively open lubridate and dplyr. We then define a couple of vectors and then create a simple R DataFrame. Aggregate … Read more

How to check if an R DataFrame column contains a string value?

Use the stringr library str_detect function to check if a specific value is included in an R DataFrame column: Note: Make sure to install the stringr library (also included in tidyverse) before utilizing the str_detect function in your RStudio script or Jupyter notebook. Check if column contains value in R – Practical example Create a … Read more

How to convert R column string values to dates?

Use the following methods to cast string column values to dates in R: Convert column values to dates in R [Detailed Example] Create DataFrame We will start by initializing a simple DataFrame using the following R code: We can now use the str() function to find the data types of each column in the hr … Read more

How to remove the fist row of an R DataFrame?

You can delete the first row of a Pandas DataFrame by using the following syntax in your RStudio script or Jupyter Notebook: Read on for some practical examples. Creating a sample R DataFrame We can visualize the DataFrame rows using the print function: This will render the following 6 lines: language office salary 1 Javascript … Read more

How to drop the first column of your R DataFrame?

To remove the first column in your R DataFrame you can write the following code in your R editor (RStudio, Jupyter etc’): I suggest to go through the following practical examples to learn more about this very fundamental capability in R. Example DataFrame We will start by creating a simple R DataFrame that you can … Read more