How to convert a date time column to date only in Power BI?

Here’s a question from Marla:

I have imported a table from Excel. When i bring it up in Power BI , dates are displayed in long form when i actually need the traditional mm/dd/yyyy format – basically get rid of the time values.

Transform Date/Time to short dates in Power BI

Proceed as following to change your datetime column format to date formats such as mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yy:

  • Open Your Power BI desktop report.
  • From the Data pane at your right hand side pick your Date column in long format.
  • Then right from the Ribbon, modify the the Data type from Date/time to Date.
  • Then, adjust the format as needed to Short Date or other more specific formats such ad dd/mm/yyyy or others.

Before converting to Short Dates:

After converting to Short Dates:

Split Date / time values in Power BI

To extract the time values into a new column, proceed as following:

  • In Power BI Desktop Data Panel select your table.
  • Hit the New Column button.
  • Then use the following DAX statement to extract your time values from your date/times.
Time only = FORMAT('Dates Tutorial Text'[Date],"hh:mm")
  • This will create a new column named Time Only in your table showing your time values in hh:mm (hour and minutes) format.

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