How to set Teams as your default Outlook meeting type?

Here’s a question from our reader Bobbi: When working for my previous employer, we had an hybrid work setup which meant that some of our group meetings were conducted in the office and some offline. I just switch to a new, remote only employer who uses Outlook Calendar and Microsoft Teams. The thing is that … Read more

How to fix typeerror can only concatenate str (not “bytes”) to str in Python?

The reason for the type error can’t concatenate string to a byte object, when you try to bring together a Python string and a Python byte objects. You can solve this issue by either encoding your string or decoding your bytes objects and only then concatenate them. Understanding the can’t concat str error message Assume … Read more

How to create and write text files in R?

Sometimes during our data analysis process, we might need to quickly generate or modify data stored as txt files. In this tutorial we will learn how to programmatically create text files in your file system and append text to them using the R language. Create a text file We can use the file.create() method to … Read more