How to create random values columns in Power BI?

Here’s a question from Thomas: Sometimes, while building a model in Power BI Desktop, i would like to create a simple table containing random sales values for a specific date. Any ideas how to go about doing that? Thanks for the question, please find the detailed step-by-step below: #1 – Define a dates column To … Read more

How to convert a date time column to date only in Power BI?

Here’s a question from Marla: I have imported a table from Excel. When i bring it up in Power BI , dates are displayed in long form when i actually need the traditional mm/dd/yyyy format – basically get rid of the time values. Transform Date/Time to short dates in Power BI Proceed as following to … Read more

Convert text to number in Power BI tables?

Problem Statement You have imported a dataset from Excel or an SQL database. The dataset has columns containing numeric data which data type is text. Before going ahead and use those columns in your Data Model you need to convert them to decimal numbers (whole or fractional). Convert string column to numbers in Power Query … Read more

How to convert dates to day of the week in Power BI?

Here’s a question from a reader: I have a table containing date time information in a mm/dd/yyyy format. When importing the dataset into Power Bi Desktop, a Date Hierarchy is automatically created. It contains the Year, Quarter, Month and Day values. I am specifically looking to add a day of the week value to my … Read more

How to multiply or divide two measures in Power BI?

Here’s a question from Judy: I have a large data set for which i create a calculated column that contains the division of two Power BI columns and shows up as a percentage . When i use the calculated column in a dashboard, the percentages gets aggregated as a sum. Instead of calculating row by … Read more

How to group by and rank columns in Power BI?

Step #1 : Import your data Start by importing your dataset in Power BI. In our example we will use the Get Data function to hire an Excel file. Here is an extract of our Hiring Campaign table showing details on an imaginary campaign for Business Intelligence Roles in a consultancy. Our goal will be … Read more

How to group by and sum Power BI columns?

Here’s a question from Jason: I have a dataset containing sales orders info. I need to group data from different columns to generate a small dashboard. I understand that i am able to aggregate, then calculate the sum and average values per group using the Transform tab or using code. Can you provide a simple … Read more

How to find date differences in Power BI?

Step 1: Identify your date fields This fictitious company has a target to finalize the candidate interviewing process in less than 7 (seven) business days. To analyze the situation we will calculate the time between first interview and the signing of the employment agreement. Use the Model or Date Views in Power BI to locate … Read more

How to convert text columns to dates in Power BI?

Step 1: Import your Data to Power BI If you haven’t acquired your dataset, make sure to import it into Power BI. In our case we will import an Excel spreadsheet containing the following columns. All entries in the Year column are of type text (strings). Step 2: Transform text to Dates with Power Query … Read more