How to subtract two columns in Power BI reports?

Step # 1: Define your measures and columns

In this example, we will work with a subset of our Course Registration data model. Our goal will be to calculate the Profit for each Business Intelligence course we are currently delivering.

Here is our model:

We will focus on two columns in our model:

  • Sales Amount (from the Orders table
  • Cost (from the Courses table)

Step # 2: Calculate difference between Power BI columns

To get the difference between the two columns, we will create a measure.

  • In the Report View, hit the Courses table.
  • Then, from the Ribbon, hit the New Measure column.
  • Then, in the formula row type the following DAX expression:
Profit = sum(Orders[Sales Amount])-Sum(Courses[Cost])
  • Hit Enter.
  • A new measure, named Profit, will be created. In case you have several measures, you might want to add those to a folder in your Model View.

Step # 3: Create your Power BI Report

Next step is to create a simple Report to display the Profit for each course.

  • Back to the Report View, add a new page to your report.
  • Then, from the Visualizations pane, pick a table visual.
  • Then drag the following fields into the visual columns section: Course Name (from Courses), Sales Amount (from Orders), Cost (from Courses) and the newly created Profit measure (from Courses as well).

Optionally, you can add a slicer and a card into your report to better visualize the Profit for specific courses.

In case of additional questions, feel free to reach out via the comments.

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