Where is the Microsoft Teams recording folder location?

Here’s a question from Juan:

I was asked by management to schedule and record a Teams meeting that was attended by many people from different departments, all members of a specific team. I have set the meeting invitation right from my Teams channel. After the meeting ended, i see that a link to the Meeting recording is posted in the Chat tab on Teams. The issue is that i am not able to find the place in which the .mp4 file is actually stored in, so no possible to download the recording. If it helps, i use a Windows 10 computers. Can you point me to where Microsoft Teams meetings are saved on my computer or OneDrive?

Folder location of Teams recordings in channel

In the question above, the reader has scheduled a meeting and invited only other members of the team. If that’s your case, then the recorded file is actually kept in a background SharePoint library that holds all the Team related information.

Here is how to access recorded meetings in Teams:

  • In Microsoft Teams , go ahead and search for your specific Team and Channel.
  • Open your channel and from the top navigation bar, select the Files folder.
  • You’ll notice a folder named Recordings, as shown below:
  • Open the folder and find your recorded file.
  • Hit the Show Actions command next to the file. The following dialog will open up:
  • Hit Download to retrieve your recording into your default Teams download folder in your Windows or macOS computer.
  • Hit the Copy Link button to retrieve a link to your mp4 file, so you can share it on chat or email inside the organization. Note that in order to share with others you’ll need to use a file sharing service such as OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Download teams recording as MP4 format from SharePoint

Readers asked me how to retrieve meeting recordings directly from the SharePoint library that holds all the team data. Here’s the procedure.

  • Find your relevant channel for which you have conducted the meeting.
  • Open the Files tab.
  • At the channel header menu hit Open in SharePoint
  • If needed, provide your credentials to access the SharePoint library.
  • Then navigate to the Recordings library.
  • Find your meeting recording, right click and download to your computer, OneDrive or other storage.
  • Note that the file will be loaded in the MP4 format.

Unable to download recording

Readers reported instances in which they were not able to download the meeting recording, but just play it from Teams. If that is the case, kindly ask the person that either organized or recorded the meeting to share it via OneDrive or email.

Recording folder location of private Teams meetings

If you have scheduled a regular 1:1 or a group Teams meeting that is not in a Teams/Channel context, you’ll be able to find your meeting recording in the OneDrive folder of the participant who recorded the meeting.

  • At the meeting end, Teams will automatically post a message in the meeting Chat tab to notify that the recording has finished and the audio file is available. If the file fails to upload to OneDrive or the message is greyed out, ensure that you are still connected to the Internet / VPN or local network and try again.
  • To access the mp4 file itself, proceed as following:
    • Open File Explorer by hitting the Windows key + E, or simply type File Explorer in your task bar Search.
    • Then Navigate to your OneDrive location.
    • Navigate to the Recordings folder and find your audio file.
  • From here you can copy the file and distribute it as needed.

Note: If available, a link to the meeting transcription file (docx or vtt) is also available in the corresponding Chat folder of the meeting.

Can you Change the recordings location?

Few readers have asked whether it was possible to define a different location for the recordings folder. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this guide, that wasn’t possible.