How to attach a document to a Microsoft Teams meeting invitation?

Here’s a question from Rosa:

I often use the Microsoft Teams calendar to schedule our recurrent meeting. Typically i send our all required information in the invitation body, but today i wanted to attach a file. To my surprise i haven’t found any button that will allow me to attach an Excel spreadsheet and a Microsoft Word document to my Teams meeting invite, so that the invitees can review the meeting material and prepare upfront. Any ideas on how to proceed?

File attachment to Microsoft Teams appointments

Thanks for your question. You are able to proceed in three different ways. In today’s tutorial we’ll focus in depth on the first option.

  • Storing your files in a Microsoft Teams channel and manually posting a link into your invite.
  • Storing your files in OneDrive or other file sharing service like Dropbox, Google Drive etc’ and posting a link.
  • Use Microsoft Outlook to send your meeting invitation and attach files from your local or network drive as required.


Sending files from your channel as attachments

Create links for your attachments

  • Open Microsoft Teams.
  • Hit the Teams icon on your left hand side App bar.
  • Use your Filter to search for your relevant Team and navigate to your Channel.
  • Hit the Files tab in your header.
  • Find the file/s you would like to attach.
  • Hit the ellipsis (…) icon in the right hand side and hit Copy link.
  • If you would like to attach multiple files, you’ll need to go through the last couple steps as needed, just paste the link text into a text file so you can later on paste the links into your Teams invite.

Insert your Attachment link into your Teams meeting

  • Once done, from the App bar, open your Calendar app.
  • Navigate to the relevant day and time for your meeting.
  • Double click to open your Meeting dialog
  • Add your meeting details as needed.
  • In the meeting body toolbar, hit the link icon
  • Provide a name to your Attachment and paste the file link that you have obtained in the previous section.
  • Note: Make sure to repeat this step as needed.
  • Hit Insert.
  • You’ll notice the new attachment in your meeting text section
  • In the upper right hand side hit Send; to send your meeting request.

In case of questions, kindly leave us a comment.