How to add a link to files and websites on Microsoft Teams?

Here’s a question from Eddy:

Hello folks, i work as a project management administrator, and among my tasks i am charged with maintaining a couple of groups/channels in Microsoft Teams. For one of the teams, i will need to add a couple of links to an external website and to a file that we store on SharePoint from one of our channels. Can you explain how can i insert a URL into external sites and to files from Microsoft Teams?

Thanks for the questions, in this short tutorial we will cover several cases. Read on for more details.

Insert a Website tab in Teams

To add a link to a website right from your Teams channel kindly proceed as following:

  • First off, navigate to the channel from which you would like to add your link from.
  • Hit the Add a tab (+) button.
  • The Add a tab dialog will open up.
  • Next, hit on the Website option.
  • Enter the tab name and URL in the dialog and then hit next. Make sure that you are using the https:// protocol in your URL.
  • The website will appear as a new tab in your Channel as shown below.
  • The website link has been added as a tab and is ready to be accessed by internal and guest users accessing the channel.

Add hyperlink to file from a channel

There are several ways to add links to files from Teams:

  • If you want to link to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, PDF or a Microsoft Form, you can add a link to a file as a tab in your channel. Note that you’ll need first to upload your document to one of your Channel folders.
  • You can also add a SharePoint Library, by adding a specific Document Library to your channel.
  • Last, you are able to add a cloud storage link to Teams, to access files stored in 3rd party cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Box.

Create a Teams URL list (adding multiple links)

If you are interested to add several links to your Channel instead of a single URL, make sure to use a Microsoft Teams List.

You can create and add a list to your Channel as a tab. Once the list is defined, you can populate it with several URLs as needed to have it readily available for your channel users.

We will cover Teams Lists in more detail in a follow up tutorial.

Website tab missing in Teams

In case that the option to add a Website to your channel is not available, you should contact your Teams administrator for further help