Get a link to a Teams file and post a link to a network folder file to a channel

Here’s a question from Steve:

I use Microsoft Teams to manage and collaborate with different project members across different channels. I typically would need to share files and need input from team members from different channels. Is there a possibility for me to share a link to a spreadsheet/presentation across different channels? If so, can you show me how?

Thanks for your question. Sure. In today’s post we will explain how we to provide copy link of a document to people across different channels and also how we can post link for a file that is located in a network folder into a Teams channel.

Share a link to a file on Teams in the channel chat

  • Click on the channel where the link to the file needs to be attached.
  • Click on New Conversation.
  • Select Attach icon and click on Browse Teams and Channels.
  • Go to the file which needs to be linked and hit Share a link.
  • Once it is attached, hit Enter.
  • Follow the same procedure to send it to the other channels. Now we will have one file where different teams can collaborate on it.
  • Note that if required, you can also share the link as an attachment to a Teams meeting.

Post a link to network folder file in a channel

Here we will be discussing on how we can provide a link from OneDrive folder file in a channel.

  • Login to OneDrive for business account.
  • Move to the folder file for which the links giving access can be taken.
  • To provide permission to file, hover over the file and click on the three dots icon.
  • Select Manage access.
  • Click on Share in Links giving access.
  • In the Send link, we can set the link settings on who can access the link.
  • Once that is set, click on Copy link.
  • Now you can copy the link and share it with your other members inside or outside your organization.

Email link to Teams Office documents

Readers asked what would be the currently recommended way to inset hyperlinks to Teams documents in an email.

  • First you’ll need to create your file link. For that, use the Teams search bar to quickly find your Word document / Excel spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentation you are sharing.
  • Open the file and hit the File menu.
  • Hit Share and select the Share with People option.
  • Hit the Copy button to obtain acopy the link to the document. Note that before copying the link address, you are able to modify your file sharing settings as needed to define access and editing right, which is of utmost importance, specially when sharing your content externally.
  • Next, go ahead and open Outlook.
  • Create a new mail item.
  • Paste the link to the document that you created in the previous step in your Outlook body text.
  • That’s it 🙂

Teams link creation not working

I have noticed that there could be instances in which after hitting the Copy button, Teams hangs up and the file hyperlink is not created. From previous experience, it seems that deleting the Teams cache resolves this issue.