How to get a link to file on Teams and how to post a link to network folder file in a channel?

Here’s a question from Steve:

I use Microsoft Teams to manage and collaborate with different project members in different channels. I share some files where I would require data from every team member from different channels. So whenever I post the document I get different set of documents and I need to consolidate them later in one sheet. Is there any possibility that I can provide same sheet to different channels? If yes, can you show me how?

Thanks for your question. Yes we have a solution for this, we will discuss how we can provide copy link of a document to different channels and also how we can post link for a file in network folder in a channel.

Get a link to file on Teams

  • Click on the channel where the link to the file needs to be attached.
  • Click on New Conversation.
  • Select Attach icon and click on Browse Teams and Channels.
  • Go to the file which needs to be linked and hit Share a link.
  • Once it is attached, hit Enter.
  • Follow the same procedure to send it to the other channels. Now we will have one file where different teams can collaborate on it.

Post a link to network folder file in a channel

Here we will be discussing on how we can provide a link from OneDrive folder file in a channel.

  • Login to OneDrive for business account.
  • Move to the folder file for which the links giving access can be taken.
  • To provide permission to file, hover over the file and click on the three dots icon.
  • Select Manage access.
  • Click on Share in Links giving access.
  • In the Send link, we can set the link settings on who can access the link.
  • Once that is set, click on Copy link.
  • Now you can copy the link and provide them to the channel.