How to open a Teams file or folder link from SharePoint?

Here’s a question from a reader:

I need to tide up the file and folder structure of several team channels i manage. For that i have understood that i am able to open links to Teams channels, files and folders in SharePoint so that i can more easily restructure my Microsoft Teams site library look and feel. Any ideas?

Access Teams file links from SharePoint

Before tackling your question, it’s important to remember that all files organized in a Teams channel are actually kept in an underlying SharePoint document library that corresponds to each specific Microsoft Team. Every time that we create / delete / edit files and folder in Teams, those are actually modified in SharePoint.

In order to access a team channel folder structure in SharePoint proceed as following:

  • In Microsoft Teams, search for your channel.
  • Then, navigate to you channel Files tab.
  • Next in the header, hit the Open in SharePoint link.
  • The corresponding SharePoint library will be opened. From here you can access capabilities not yet available in the Teams interface such as sending your file or folder onto a workflow using Power Automate right from the channel itself.

Linking an existing SharePoint library to Microsoft Teams

A somewhat related question is whether as a Teams user, i am able to add a SharePoint site or document library to my Channel.

  • Open your channel.
  • From the upper toolbar, hit the Add a tab (+) button.
  • From the list of available tabs, select Document Library. Note that as needed you can also add any SharePoint page to Teams – in a similar way as described below.
  • Pick your SharePoint site from a list of relevant sites, or just paste it URL. Once done hit Next.
  • Then select the relevant document library in the SharePoint site. Hit Next.
  • Last, give the document library a meaningful name – in our case we’ll type Docs.
  • Once done, go ahead and hit Save.

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