How to open a Teams file or folder link from SharePoint?

Here’s a question from a reader:

I need to tide up the file and folder structure of several team channels i manage. For that i have understood that i am able to open links to Teams channels, files and folders in SharePoint so that i can more easily restructure my Microsoft Teams site library look and feel. Any ideas on how can i accomplish this?

Access Teams file links from SharePoint

Before tackling your question, it’s important to remember that all files organized in a Teams channel are actually kept in an underlying SharePoint document library that corresponds to each specific Microsoft Team. Every time that we create / delete / edit files and folder in Teams, those are actually modified in SharePoint.

In order to access a team channel folder structure in SharePoint proceed as following:

  • In Microsoft Teams, search for your channel.
  • Then, navigate to you channel Files tab.
  • Next in the header, hit the Open in SharePoint link.
  • The corresponding SharePoint library will be opened. From here you can access capabilities not yet available in the Teams interface such as sending your file or folder onto a workflow using Power Automate right from the channel itself.

Linking an existing SharePoint library to Microsoft Teams

A somewhat related question is whether as a Teams user, i am able to add a SharePoint site or document library to my Channel.

  • Open your channel.
  • From the upper toolbar, hit the Add a tab (+) button.
  • From the list of available tabs, select Document Library. Note that as needed you can also add any SharePoint page to Teams – in a similar way as described below.
  • Pick your SharePoint site from a list of relevant sites, or just paste it URL. Once done hit Next.
  • Then select the relevant document library in the SharePoint site. Hit Next.
  • Last, give the document library a meaningful name – in our case we’ll type Docs.
  • Once done, go ahead and hit Save.

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