How to pin a Teams folder for Quick access in File Explorer?

Here’s another reader question we just received:

I work for a contracting project management firm and use Microsoft Teams on a daily basis. I have a folder in our Microsoft Teams channel that i manage that contains a couple of spreadsheets having a bunch of supplier information. I understand that i am able to add a shortcut to the folder on my Windows computer’s file explorer. Any pointers are deeply appreciated.

Adding a shortcut to a folder to file explorer

Here’s a quick step by step process you can follow:

Step 1: Ensure that you have OneDrive installed

First off, ensure that you have OneDrive installed (most probably it’s there – check by typing OneDrive in your taskbar search) and setup on your computer.

Step 2: Login to One Drive

Next, login to OneDrive with your relevant credentials. Those will be your workplace domain user and password or your user if you have a personal Teams account.

Step 3: Sync your folder to Teams

Open the Teams app and search for the channel that contains the folder that you would like to sync. Then open the Files tab , navigate to the folder you would like to sync and hit Sync. Your folder will be sync to OneDrive.

Step 4: Pin your folder for Quick Access

Hit Windows + E to open File Explorer. You’ll note a folder named after your OneDrive for Business account. Once you open it, you’ll notice a folder which name is a concatenation of the Teams name + the Channel name. Open it to find your synced folder. Then, right click on the folder and hit Pin to Quick Access.

Then open the Quick Access section in File Explorer to access your synced channel folder.

Remember: Unless stopped, OneDrive will auto sync any changes to your folder contents – so you’ll have the most up to date info available.