Fix Teams folders stopped syncing to OneDrive issues.

Last week we received the following question from Ronda:

I can access my Microsoft Teams Channel files from my OneDrive in my Windows computer’s File Explorer. The files are synced locally to my computer for offline access So far so good. The thing is that lately, my Microsoft Teams files stopped syncing up to my desktop. Any ideas about what could be possibly going wrong?

Thanks for the question, here we go with some troubleshooting ideas.

Step 1: Ensure that OneDrive is turned on

First off ensure that OneDrive is turned off on your Windows computer. You can do that by opening your system try on your taskbar right side. You should notice there a OneDrive icon as shown below. If the icon is not available, start off OneDrive (hit the Windows button + S and type OneDrive, then hit on enter).

Step 2: If OneDrive was turned on – restart it

If the OneDrive button is showing up in the system tray, right click the OneDrive icon and then hit to Settings cog (at the right top side of the dialog). Then hit Quit OneDrive.

Next start OneDrive as indicated above: hit the Windows button + S and type OneDrive, then hit on enter.

Step 3: Check Sync Failures

Back to the System Tray, right click the OneDrive and see whether there are any sync mistakes. Resolve them as needed.

Step 4: Ensure that you are correctly logged in

Are you using Microsoft OneDrive for business and personal accounts on the same computer? If so, this could be the crux of the problem. First off, you will need to ensure that both accounts are defined on your desktop.

If not all your Microsoft accounts are defined on your desktop OneDrive, select the Settings cog icon, then select Settings. Go to the Account tab and hit the Add an Account button to add your business or personal account to OneDrive.

Hope it helps!