How to send audio voice messages in Teams chats on desktop and web?

Here’s a question from Dave: as a project manager, I use Microsoft Teams on my Windows 10 computer all day long. Sometimes, instead of typing, i prefer to send a recorded audio message to my colleagues and peers. As this capability is not currently available on Teams for Windows or macOS (as far as i know) – we use a WhatsApp desktop group that is perfectly OK for communication, but the messages are not then accessible from our Teams channels if needed for further reference. Any ideas on how to proceed?

Audio messaging in Teams desktop chat – a simple tweak

Thanks for your question Dave. You are able to send audio messages in the Microsoft Teams mobile app, but not in the desktop or web versions of Teams.

Until Microsoft adds this feature to Teams desktop / web, you can use a simple tweak to send your colleagues voice messages off your Windows desktop in 1:1 chats or channel conversations.

Create audio message in Teams

In order to record voice in Microsoft Teams, proceed as following:

  • On the Windows Task bar, hit the magnifying glass to search your computer or hit the combination Windows + S.
  • Type Voice Recorder.
  • Hit the Record button (or type Ctrl + R)
  • Record your voice message.
  • In the left hand side your screen your notice a list containing your recordings.
  • Right click on your recording, and hit Rename. Provide a meaningful name to your recording file.
  • Then right click the recording again and hit Open file location.
  • The Windows File Explorer will open up, now copy the directory in which your recordings are stored. Most probably it will be C:\<your_Windows_user_name>\Documents\Voice Recordings.

Forward your voice message in a Teams 1:1 chat

  • Open your Microsoft Teams app (on desktop or web).
  • Using the upper search bar search for a colleague you want to message.
  • In the Chat tab, go to the bottom of the page and hit the Attach files button (clips image).
  • Write a short text message intro to the file to provide some context to the recipient.
  • Then select Upload from my computer.
  • In the Open file dialog, go to the directory in which your recordings are stored (copied into your clipboard in the previous step).
  • Hit Open.
  • Your recorded audio message will show up as shown below
  • Hit the Send button (arrow) in the right hand side.

Share audio file with channel members

Using the same method outlined above you can send audio as a new conversation to your channel members. The only difference would be that instead of searching for a specific individual, you’ll need to search for a channel first (if not – you would need to create a new channel) and then using the Posts tab, upload the voice message as a new conversation.