Teams chat not showing up or disappearing. How to solve?

Here’s a question from Daisy: I am using Microsoft Teams on a daily basis to communicate with colleagues and customers. I remember that a couple of days ago, i had a conversation with a customer who asked for a specific report. The thing is that i can’t actually find that conversation in my Teams desktop chat app main window. Using a Windows laptop. Any ideas on how to proceed here?

First off – thanks for the question. See below our suggested troubleshooting steps.

Teams chat conversation disappeared – troubleshooting steps

Step 1: Search for hidden chats

The most probable reason for the problem outlined above, is that you have accidentally hided that specific conversation with your client.

Kindly proceed as following:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and hit the Chat icon from your Teams left hand side App Bar.
  2. Hover to the Microsoft Teams main Search bar.
  3. Then type your client name and hit Enter.
  1. Hit the Show hidden chat history hyperlink.
  2. Your entire conversation contents will be visible for you to read.
  3. You will also note that a new entry showing your client name was added to the list of conversations in the Teams chat app (available at the left hand side of your screen).
  4. Hit the more options next to your client name and select Unhide. From now on the conversation will be visible in your chat list.

For the most cases, the steps outlined above should solve the problem. If that’s not the case, read on.

Step 2: Restart Teams

If you are unable to find your chat conversation, the next logical step will be to restart the Microsoft Teams apps and login again.

  1. At the right hand side of your Windows task bar, you’ll notice the Teams icon.
  2. Hover the icon, hit your mouse right click button.
  3. Select Quit to shutdown the Teams app
  4. Now hit the Start button at the leftmost part of your Windows taskbar.
  5. Type Microsoft Teams.
  6. Hit Open. This will launch Teams and trigger a refresh of the information shown in the Teams desktop client.
  7. Now, go back and execute section 1 of this tutorial again and see if you find your conversation.

Step 3: Delete the Teams Cache

If the steps outlined above were not successful, you might need to clear your Teams client cache and try again.

In case of further questions / issues , kindly leave us a comment.

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