How to attach files in Teams meeting chats and channel conversations?

Here’s a short question from George:

In my previous job, we used Zoom to for meeting and online collaboration. As we are implementing Microsoft Teams, i would be glad to know more about attaching spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, images and videos into Teams conversations. Is that even an option in Microsoft Teams?

Send files in Teams meeting

If you would like to share any files in your Teams meeting, so can do that right from the meeting conversation panel:

Sharing files in Channel Meetings

  • Join your Channel Teams meeting.
  • From the meeting controls hit the Show Conversation button.
  • The Meeting Chat Panel will open up.
  • At the end of the dialog, hit the Attach button (looks like a paper clip).
  • Now, select whether you would like to prefer to upload files already shared in one of your Teams channels, stored on OneDrive or choose to Upload a new file to Teams.
  • Then select whether you would like to share a link to the file or alternatively, upload it to one of your Team channel folders first.
  • Hit the Send button (looks like an arrow).
  • Note that files attachments shared in channel meeting will be logged in the Teams channel Posts tab as a new conversation.

Sharing files in Regular Teams Meetings

In Teams meetings the process is almost as described before. Key difference is that you are able to post links to files stored in OneDrive or alternatively upload a file. Note that the uploaded files will be stored in your OneDrive Microsoft Teams Chat Files directory.

Attaching files in channel conversations

As you start using Microsoft Teams more often, you will notice that most file and folder sharing in Teams occurs through the Channels Posts tab. This is a way more simpler way to ensure everyone is working on the same files instead of duplicating documents.

To attach a file in teams chat, proceed as following

  • In Teams, navigate to your Channel.
  • Open the Posts tab.
  • At the bottom of the page, hit the New Conversation button.
  • Hit the Attach button, and select whether to post a recent file, file from your channel files, file from OneDrive or upload a new file. You might want to add a small lead-in / description of the document your sending. Something like : “folks, kindly take a look at the new Q3 excel sales report”.
  • Next, select to share a link or upload the document to your channel files first.
  • Hit Send.

No file attachment option exists for external users

If you are an external user you might not see the attach button in Teams chat and can’t therefore attach files. This is due to the fact that you don’t have an One Drive for Business account setup in the organization that hosts Microsoft Teams. If that’s the case, i would recommend that you discuss this topic with your sponsor/client.