How to invite to a Teams meeting in Microsoft Outlook 365?

Here’s a question we just got from one of our readers:

Just joined a new company that uses Microsoft Teams quite extensively. Due to the fact that i used so far Zoom for collaboration purposes and GMail for email, i have a simple question: I would like to be able to easily attach a Teams meeting to outgoing emails and / or meeting request invites. How do i create a Microsoft Teams meeting from my Outlook calendar and share it will others?

Thanks for the question, getting started with a new online collaboration tool requires some learning. You might want to take a look at our Microsoft Teams tips and tricks compilation.

And now – to our answer.

Install the Teams add-on for Outlook if it is missing

In order to connect Teams and Outlook, you’ll need to ensure that the Microsoft Teams addin is installed in your computer and enabled in Outlook. To ensure that is to check that the Teams addin is enabled, navigate to your Outlook Calendar and notice the Teams button section in the Ribbon menu.

If you don’t see the Teams commands, follow the steps outlined in this tutorial to enable the Microsoft Teams add-in for Microsoft Outlook in Windows and / or macOS operating systems.

Sending a Microsoft Teams meeting link

Now that you have ensured that Teams and Outlook are connected, follow these steps to schedule, create and send your Teams meeting invite.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook (desktop or web).
  • Go to your Calendar tab.
  • Hit the New Teams Meeting button.
  • A new Outlook meeting dialog will open up. You’ll notice that your meeting invite already contains a visible Microsoft Teams meeting link, that participants will need to hit in order to join the meeting.
  • Enter a descriptive meeting title and scheduled time.
  • Invite required attendees.
  • Write a short note to explain the meeting purpose.
  • Once done hit on Send.
  • Outlook will add the Teams meeting to your calendar.

Inviting external / guest users into your Teams meetings

The procedure outlined below applies also in case that you need to send your meeting invite link to users outside your organization.

Note however that guest users will need to be admitted into the meeting by the meeting host or one of your organization participants.