How to automatically record Microsoft Teams meetings?

Here’s a question from a reader:

I was asked by management to record a series of team meetings, so those can be later on shared with other members that can’t attend. In the first meetings, i manually turned on recording. Starting the third meeting occurrence, i simply forgot to record the Teams meeting. I guess my question is as following: as everyone has provided permission to record and transcribe the meeting, is there a way to automatically record the meeting so i can then later distribute it to the relevant parties.

Not long ago, Microsoft has introduced a much needed feature that allow meeting hosts to turn on recording automatically. Here’s a brief rundown on the required settings to auto-record.

Automatically record Teams meetings

To configure Teams settings to start recording your meeting audio and video automatically, kindly proceed as following

  1. Navigate to your Outlook desktop or Web calendar.
  2. Schedule a new Teams meeting. Here’s a handy tutorial for that. Alternatively, open an already scheduled meeting.
  3. From the Outlook upper Ribbon, hit the Settings button and then select Meeting options.
  4. Alternatively, hit the meeting options from the meeting text area.
  5. In the Meeting options dialog, enable automatic recording as shown below. Recording will start as soon as the first participant joins the meeting:
  1. Hit Save.

In case that you are using the Teams Calendar, proceed as following:

  1. In Microsoft Teams, open the Calendar App.
  2. Schedule a new meeting or find an existing meeting Series or occurrence.
  3. Back to the Calendar View,right click the meeting and hit Edit.
  4. Hit Meeting Options.
  5. Proceed as described in the sections 5-6 above.

Where are Teams Recordings kept?

Typically Microsoft Teams stores recordings in OneDrive and SharePoint. Channel Meetings are stored in SharePoint and readily accessible from the channel Files tab.

Individual meetings recordings can be retrieve from the meeting Chat tab in the Microsoft Teams app. Detailed info can be found in our tutorial on Teams recording locations.

Recording permissions

Be aware that setting automatic recording for your meeting can be done only by the host, and not by any of the participants.