How to stop Microsoft Teams auto starting on macOS?

Here’s a question that we received from Henry:

I am a social media coordinator for an agency working with several Enterprise customers. One of these customers transitioned to Microsoft Teams lately, so they are not willing to participate in Zoom calls anymore. Since i have installed Teams on my macOS laptop, it automatically starts whenever i turn on my operating system. Is there a way to stop Teams from firing up on macOS as i actually need Teams only when collaborating with that specific customer?

Turning off Teams auto-start on macOS

Thanks for the great question. In this short tutorial we’ll show how you can achieve that in a couple of different ways.

From the System Preferences

macOS allows to set automatic login items for specific users and groups. You can easily use this capability to disable Teams automatic start. Here’s what you might want to do:

  • From the upper menu bar, hit the Apple icon and then hit System Preferences.
  • Now go ahead and hit Users and Groups.
  • Pick your specific user.
  • Then, click on Login Items.
  • Remove the Microsoft Teams entry from the list.
  • Last, go ahead and close the dialog.

From the macOS dock

If Microsoft Teams is already up and running on your macOS, you can easily turn it off directly from the macOS application dock.

  • Go to your mac Desktop.
  • In the application dock, you’ll see the Microsoft Teams icon.
  • Right click on it, and un-check the Open at Login option.
  • Last, go ahead and close the Microsoft Teams app. From now on it will not auto-start when you’ll fire up macOS.