How to disable Slack notifications and sounds?

Here’s a question from one of our readers:

I think that Slack, as well as Microsoft Teams, are the best online collaboration tools for connecting with my team. The thing is that once i got engaged in different Slack channels, the number of Slack notifications has increased to an extent that i personally find it challenging to stay focused on my work. Can you guide me on how I can disable the notification and sounds on Slack?

Thanks for your question. We can set notification preferences either for a specific channel or for all alerts from Slack. In this tutorial, we will discuss more about how we can hide popup alerts, disable sounds and to receive scheduled notifications.

Hide Slack notifications

Follow the below steps to hide all the Slack notification.

  • In Slack, click on your Profile and select Preferences.
  • Go over the notify me about.. and select Nothing.
  • That’s it. We would not receive any notification until you change that setting back.

Turn off Slack notifications during weekends

Slack has a special feature that turns off desktop alerts during weekends. All you need to do it to set them in the preferences. Follow below steps to achieve it.

  • Click on your Profile and select Preference.
  • Select Notification tab, scroll on to Notification Schedule
  • Select Weekdays from the drop down under Allow Notification.
  • You can also set the from and to timing to allow notification on Weekdays.
  • Now we are free from notifications on weekend.

Disable notifications when you’re away

We can pause from receiving notification in Slack. Other users will get to know you are away and also the notification is snoozed. Let’s discuss how we can set it in Slack.

  • Click on your Profile and select Set yourself as away. This will make your status to Away.
  • Hover over to Pause notifications under your Profile and you can select the time frame to pause the notifications.
  • Select Custom to set a custom Data and Time till when the notification needs to be snoozed.
  • Now your status is set to Away as well as the notification is Snoozed.

Disable Slack sounds

  • To disable notification sounds from Slack, select Preference from your profile.
  • Scroll down to Sound & appearance section under Notifications.
  • Check on Mute all sounds from Slack.

Mute specific channel

There maybe a situation where we just want to mute a channel in slack. We can just go on to mute the specific channel from Slack. Let’s discuss on how we can achieve it.

  • Right click on the channel that needs to be muted.
  • Go on and select Mute channel.
  • We will not receive any notification from this channel.

Receive just @mentions notifications

If you need to receive notification only when someone mentioned you in a channel, follow the below steps.

  • Click on the channel and select Change notification.
  • Click Just @mentions
  • Check on Also include @channel and @here, if you want to get notified when user mentions those two tags.