How to change fonts in Microsoft Teams?

Here’s a question from Rachel:

I need to be able to set a default font type and size in Microsoft Teams.. I have been looking around the Teams for a while and never found any option in Teams to change my font style. Maybe if there is a way to change the font and it’s size only when I’m write a long paragraph, we can just add in with different font. Do we have any option that I’m not aware of here?

Thanks for this question. Actually, this seems like a very much needed feature in MS Teams. People are having the same question on how we can change the font in Teams. Unfortunately, Microsoft have not provided with option to change the font yet, but i guess that probably they’ll do that soon.

In the meantime, here’s a simple trick for you customize your font name, style and size, that you can use to change your font settings of a message in a channel.


Change the default font in Teams

  • In both Windows and macOS, go ahead and open a new Microsoft Office file. This could be a spreadsheet, presentation, new email message or a Word document, which we’ll use in this example.
  • In your document, go ahead and type the message that needs to insert into your Teams chat conversation thread.
  • Change the font style and the size on your choice.
  • Now go ahead an copy the text.
  • Navigate to your Teams channel Posts folder, paste the content in the relevant conversation. Next go ahead and send your message.
  • Obviously you can do this trick with any Microsoft Office application: Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote and even Outlook.

Yes, definitely a somewhat complex way, but definitely a work around until Microsoft adds a simpler way to change fonts settings permanently in Teams.