How to change the color scheme skin on Microsoft Teams?

Here’s a question from Wendy:

I work as an HR coordinator in a multi-national. Couple days ago, while participating in an online meeting , i took note that one of the presenters was using a version of Microsoft Teams that looked completely different from the one that is implemented in our company, that is it had a dark mode skin. Is that a new type of color mode for Teams that is now available for Teams users to use? Any idea how to change my Teams theme?

Thanks for the question. Changing your Microsoft Themes is relatively simple. Note however that at this point, only three color skins are available for you to choose from (Default, Dark and High-Contrast themes).

Customize the Teams color scheme in Windows computers

  • First off, go ahead and login to Microsoft Teams (either Web / Desktop or Mobile editions).
  • At the right hands side of your Teams header menu, Hit your profile icon, then select Manage Account.
  • Alternatively, you can hit the Settings and More icon (…) and then select Settings.
  • The Settings dialog will open up.
  • If needed, navigate to the General tab (should open by default when invoking the Settings tab).
  • In the upper section select your preferred color scheme.
  • Close your Setting dialog. You are all set.