How to change the date and time zone in Microsoft Teams?

Here is a question from Monica:

Working as a consultant, I often travel on business across different time zones and whenever that happens, obviously the time settings of both Teams and are wrong. In most cases it seems that is actually one hour off. Is there a way for me to easily adjust the time zone on Microsoft 365 so that my calendar meetings times is still correct?

Thanks for the question. See below our answer, in case of follow up questions, kindly let us know.

Change Microsoft Teams time settings in Office 365

If you are using the web version of Microsoft Teams, then kindly proceed as following:

  • Open your favorite web browser, and login to Microsoft Office 365.
  • Enter your Microsoft 365 login and password. Good chances are that this is similar to your domain credentials.
  • In your header, hit the Settings cog button.
  • The Settings dialog will open up.
  • Hit the Change your Language link.
  • Next, in the Settings and Privacy dialog, expand the Time Zone section.
  • Next, hit the Change Time zone command button.
  • Next use the Search box to type in your Time Zone as shown below:
  • Last, go ahead and hit Select. The time Zone settings for the entire set of Microsoft 365 applications – including Microsoft Teams and Outlook has been modified.

Teams time zone wrong vs computer

After adjusting the time settings at for the Teams web version, it’s very probable that time settings in the desktop Teams app will not be in sync with your desktop. If so, kindly proceed as described in the next section.

Time settings for Teams Desktop version

If you have downloaded and installed the Microsoft Teams Desktop client, you will need to define the Time settings in your local Windows 10 or 11 computer.

  • On your Windows desktop taskbar , hit the Search button (the magnifying glass icon in the left hand side of the task bar). Alternatively, you can hit the Windows Key + S to start searching.
  • In the Search bar , type: Change the time Zone.
  • The Date & Time dialog will come up.
  • Using the Time Zone drop down , go ahead and adjust the time zone as shown below:

Hope it helped. Feel free to let us know in case of additional questions.


I have changed my Windows time zone settings, but Microsoft Teams seems to be using the wrong time?

To ensure that the your new time zone settings took affect, make sure to Restart Microsoft Teams.

Will my Teams meetings be automatically re-scheduled after changing the time zone?

Yes, changing your system time zone, will affect the time schedule of your Teams meetings, which are shown according to current time zone of your device (including Android and ios mobiles and tablets). Your meeting participants will see the meeting time according to their local time zone.