How to zoom in Microsoft Teams screen size?

Here’s a question we got the other day:

I use Microsoft Teams web and desktop versions over several shared desktops, laptops and tablet devices. One things that bothers me quite a bit is that fact that either Microsoft teams doesn’t fit the screen because the resolution is too large or sometimes the Teams app is so zoomed out that us practically impossible to read anything as the resolution is so high / large . Is there a way to set the Teams display settings so that those will fit my needs?

Change the screen zoom size in Microsoft Teams

To enlarge or decrease the text size in Zoom by adjusting your screen resolution , proceed as following:

In both the Windows desktop and the web versions of Microsoft Teams you can simply use a few shortcuts:

  1. Press the CTRL and + keys to zoom into your Teams App user interface.
  2. Press the CTRL and – keys to zoom out your Teams App user interface.
  3. Press the CTRL and 0 keys to return to the default Zoom ratio (100%).

Note for web users: you can use the key combinations outlined above to adjust the resolution of any website that runs in a browser window. Note that if you move from Teams to another website, the resolution settings of Teams will remain and won’t affect those of the newly opened website. Teams resolution settings will need to be manually updated as needed (unless your clear the browser cache).

Change Teams display Settings from the App

You can also change your display Settings to zoom in, in case Teams doesn’t fit your desktop screen:

  1. In the upper right hand side of Teams, next to your user icon, hit the Setting and More icon (three dots).
  2. Adjust the Zoom percentage as needed.

Adjust your camera zoom in Teams

To set your Camera zoom in Teams, proceed as following:

  1. In Teams upper right side, hit the Settings and More icon (three dot).
  2. Hit Settings.
  3. Hit Devices.
  4. Navigate to the Camera section.
  5. Hit open Camera Settings.
  6. Go to the Camera Control tab
  7. Use the Zoom slider to adjust your camera zoom.
  8. Hit Apply.