How to print SharePoint list items and files?

Here’s a short question we just got from Amanda:

I work as an IT coordinator. My manager decided that we will use SharePoint in order to track hardware and software issues encountered by the users. Although our SharePoint based Issue Tracker is pretty rudimentary (as it was built from a pre-delivered template), it has been well accepted by the user community and the IT folks. One topic that is missing is the ability to print those issue lists so that the IT technicians can access them in areas in which there is no network connectivity. Any ideas how to easily print SharePoint list.

Print SharePoint List items

If you would like to print your SharePoint list, you can use any of these following simple workarounds:

  1. Export the list to a csv and then print it.
  2. Export the SharePoint list to Excel and print it
  3. Save the list as a PDF file.

Export your list to CSV and print

You can easily export your list as a comma separated value and then print it from Excel.

  • Go to your SharePoint list.
  • In the header hit the Export button
  • Then select Export to CSV
  • Your list will open as a comma separated value in the program that is associated with your the csv extension, typically Microsoft Excel.
  • Then hit File then Print and select your target printer.

Note: The drawback of this method is that the list items are exported as text, and no formatting is provided.

Export you list to Excel and print

If you would like to print your SharePoint list in a nicer format, you can export it to Excel.

  • Hit Export, the select the Excel option.
  • The data will be exported in the iqy format (Internet Query file) and downloaded to your default download location -> typically the Downloads folder.
  • Navigate to the file and double click it.
  • Excel will open up
  • If asked, enable access to the iqy file from Excel.
  • The formatted list will be downloaded to Excel and can be easily printed using File >> Print.

Print your list from your browser (Chrome / Edge / Firefox / Safari)

A Third option is print the list from your Browser – or much better save it as a PDF document which can be easily download for offline use. Here’s the process for Chrome:

  • In the right hand side of your Chrome window, select the 3 dot icon (Customize and Control Google Chrome.
  • Then hit Print
  • Select your target Print or save to the PDF format (for easier and greener distribution of the file).