How to keep Teams status active / green / online / available?

Here’s a question we just received from our reader Mark:

I have been using the Microsoft Teams application for a few months now. I just found out that in Teams, the online status will automatically be changed to away when our system is idle (or) locked (or) in sleep mode. Would love to set it as “available” even when the system is idle, as I need the clients to know I’m online and available to contact. Can you please let me know if you have any solution for this?

Thanks for your question. In this short tutorial we’ll look into a Microsoft Teams simple trick that will ensure your online status in Teams stays available (“green”) rather that away or offline even when your system is idle. Let’s proceed with the steps to get this done.

Step 1: Keep your status Available in Teams

  • Open your Microsoft Teams application.
  • Click on your profile icon and select Available status.
  • In the drop down, hit on the Duration entry.
  • Set the status to Available.
  • In the Reset status after, select Customized and set the date and time.
  • Now hit Done.

Step 2: Set Status Message

  • Open your Microsoft Teams application.
  • Click on your profile icon and click Set status message.
  • Type in the box saying, “I’m here. Please feel free to contact me”.
  • Check on the Show when people message me checkbox to let them know when they message you.
  • Set the Clear status message after to Customized and set the date accordingly.
  • Hit Done.