How to add a custom icon to Microsoft Teams?

A couple days ago, one of our readers asked us if it’s possible to go ahead and set a custom logo for a Microsoft Teams team instead of the default Purple logo. They set up thew team to share material with one of their key customers, and wanted to use a custom logo of their customer name.

In this quick tutorial we’ll explain how you can improve your team branding by changing the default icon picture to a custom one.

Changing your Microsoft Teams icon & logo

Here’s the process to add a custom Teams icon:

  • First off, ensure that you have a great icon pic for your team. Your pic file type has to be one of the well known graphic formats, either png, bmp or jpg.
  • Now, go ahead and save your image in a handy place in your personal computer.
  • Now go ahead and open Microsoft Teams.
  • From your left hand side App Bar, hit the Teams icon.
  • Now go ahead and navigate to the relevant team. Tip: If you have plenty of teams, you might want to hit the Filter icon and find your team or channel by name.
  • Next to your Team, hit the More Options 3-dot icon (…) button, as shown below.
  • Select the Manage Team option.
  • Go to Settings tab.
  • Now navigate to the Team Picture tab.
  • Hit on Change Picture.
  • Hit on Upload picture
  • Now, go ahead and navigate to the folder in which you kept your pic.
  • Select your picture and hit Open.
  • Here’s the preview of your new team icon:
  • If satisfied, hit Save.
  • Once done with modifying the pic, go ahead and hit Close

Note: Got couple emails from people who told me their Team icon wasn’t updating or was still missing, when changed. A restart of Microsoft Teams did the trick.

In case of any questions, please leave us a comment, we’ll be glad to help.