Microsoft Teams – custom call and notification sounds in Android and Windows

Here’s a question from one of our readers:

I use Teams on Windows and on my Android phone as I need to access the app when i am away from my laptop. in case that something comes up from my team. As i use quite a bit of different apps both on Windows and on my phone, i was wondering whether i can modify the default sound notification i receive for new messages and incoming calls in Microsoft Teams? If yes, please let me know how I can do that. Thanks.

Change Teams notification sounds on Windows

To change your Teams notification sounds, follow the following steps:

  • Open Microsoft Teams
  • Hit your profile icon.
  • Hit Manage Account to open the Teams Settings dialog.
  • Open the notifications tab.
  • Select Windows in the Notification Style combo box.
  • Ensure that the Play sounds slider is enabled as show below
  • Close the Settings dialog.
  • Hit your profile icon and Sign out from Microsoft Teams.

Next, select your preferred Windows notification sound:

  • Next hit the Windows key and type change system sounds,
  • Now, in the Program Events dialog, scroll down and Highlight the Notification entry.
  • Hit Browse to select your preferred sound from the Windows Media folder (typically located in C:\Windows\Media). You can add custom sounds to that directory folder and pick those as needed.
  • Hit the Test button, to try the new notification sound.
  • Hit OK.
  • Last step is to login to Teams. From now on, whenever you receive a new notification in Teams, your operating system notification sound will be played.

Change sound notifications in Android

  • Note: The screenshots are provided from a OnePlus Android phone; your phone settings might look a bit different.
  • Open Settings and scroll to Sound & Vibration on your Android.
  • Click on Notification sound and vibration, under Ringtone & Vibration.
  • We can select the tone from the default sounds on our phone.
  • If you need to set some other tune on your choice, click on Ringtone from internal storage and select the tune.
  • Now when you get notified from Teams, you will receive with the sound that you have set.

Change Phone call Ringtone on Windows, Web and macOS

We can be able to change the ringtone for the calls we receive in desktop, but only with the default sounds, that are provided by Microsoft.

  • Click on your profile picture from the top and select settings.
  • Select Calls.
  • Under Ringtones, you will see the Calls for you drop down, in which you’ll see the name of your current selected phone ringtone.
  • Select the drop down and we can choose from the tunes provided.
  • Hit the Play button to ensure that the selected sound suits your needs.
  • Once done, close the Settings dialog.