How to block or unblock Zoom contacts?

Here’s a question from Rafel:

I’m kind of new to Zoom meetings as I am still trying to figure out all the features available in Zoom. I recently identified that I had blocked a person in my zoom chat unknowingly. Zoom does not allow me to message that person (Chat box disabled) and it currently displays the default text “You have already blocked this contact and can’t send or receive messages from the person.” I don’t see any choices to unblock underneath the settings menu. If possible, can you please provide me with a solution to unblock the person in Zoom? 

Thanks for your question, Rafel. Block and unblock a contact is very simple in Zoom. In this post, we would learn how to block (or) unblock a contact and to know if someone has blocked you on Zoom. This process works for Zoom installations in all different operating systems such as Windows 11/10, macOS and Linux.

 Blocking people in Zoom

Here’s how to prevent certain people from contacting you in Zoom chats:

  • Open your Zoom application and click on the contact that needs to be blocked.
  • Click on the drop down next to the contact name and select Block Contact.
  • In the pop-up, hit Block Contact to block that person.

Unblock a contact in Zoom

  • Open your Zoom application and click on the contact that requires unblock.
  • Click on the drop down next to the contact name and select Unblock Contact.
  • After the unblocking, we can start to send (or) receive messages from that person.

Someone blocked you?

Readers asked us how how to know when someone has blocked us. Although it’s possible to find that out, there is no straightforward way to know you were blocked, but to message that person.

  • Open the Zoom chat of the person whom you think might have blocked you.
  • Startup with a formal message and hit Enter.
  • You will receive information mentioning the message cannot be sent if your contact has blocked you. It would look like the screenshot placed below.

Related questions

What happens if you block someone in a group chat in Zoom?

You won’t be receiving messages from them in that specific Zoom group. Your blocked contacts will still be able to interact with each other.

Will people known that you have blocked them?

Your blocked contact will not be notified about you blocking them.