How to set your online status in Webex Teams app?

Here’s a question from Linda:

Just starting out a new project with a customer that has been using Webex as their collaboration tool. I am quite proficient with Microsoft Teams, but still wondering the basics of Webex. Could you help me figure out the easy way to set your online availability in Webex? Is that majorly different that in Microsoft Teams?

Webex online presence status

Unlike Microsoft Teams, the Webex online status, is not in sync with your Microsoft Outlook Calendar. That said it can be easily set and customized. This is specifically handy if your job requires constant online availability.

In Webex you are allowed to easily define your availability – that is if you are available or not for a chat, call or meeting.

You are also able to specify you custom Online Status. Your presence status is effective for 7 days and can be extended.

Defining your online availability in Webex:

  • Open your Webex App
  • In the top left corner, hit your Webex avatar / logo
  • If needed, hit Availability to specify your “Do not disturb” period.

Define a custom online status

  • Open the Webex App
  • Hit your Webex avatar at the top left corner.
  • Hit Status.
  • Pick from the available list of statuses, or define your custom one. If you are a customer support agent, you can use the following text:
  • Hit Save
  • That’s it 🙂

Restrict visibility of your availability and online status

Webex allows you to restrict visibility of your availability settings, so that people will not see whether you are available or not. Note that if your availability is not shared, you won’t also be able to see your contacts’.

You can disable your online presence visibility by selecting the Settings menu and then under Webex Options >> General, uncheck the relevant checkbox marked below:

Then hit Don’t Show and hit Save.