How to add images to Teams chat and posts?

Microsoft Teams allows to add your own pictures / photos/ images to share on a meeting chat, one to one chat, or in a channel post. There are several ways to do this, read along for the details.

Post pictures in Teams chat

Option 1: You can drag and drop from your personal computer local drive, shared drive or your OneDrive right into the meeting chat. This will allow all participants to see it, and optionally, like it or laugh at it etc.

Option 2: Another option is to copy and paste a picture into the chat. If you have an image you want to share, copy it (by clicking CRTL +C or alternatively right click and select Copy) and in the meeting chat or post, just right click to paste (or hit CTRL +P).

Option 3: A third great option to share something in a post or chat is to take a snip of it in your favorite photo snipping tool. After taking the snip and adding any pen or highlight to it, you can copy and paste it into a post or chat. This is a great feature if you want to share a piece of an email or document but not the whole thing.

Delete a photo from your Teams chat

Once you have added a picture to a post or chat, it will remain there permanently as a reference unless you decide to go back and delete it. You can delete pictures by hovering over the picture and selecting the three dots. Then choose Delete as shown in the picture below:

Find the Teams chat images folder location

If you are interested to download a picture that you have received, you can simply go to the Chat and click on hit, then download it to your computer using the button at the top right of the screen. You can also find the picture under OneDrive >> Microsoft Teams Chat Files.

Images shared via the Posts tab of your channel are available through your Channel Files tab.

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