Can’t change my profile picture in Teams, what do do?

Here’s a question from a reader:

I wanted to change my profile picture in Teams. I selected a picture from OneDrive and click on upload but i don’t see any change to my avatar.I then tried to upload other pictures (in jpg, png and bmp formats) but it is also having the same issue. Can you help me on how I can replace my avatar picture?

Thanks for your question. In this short tutorial we will discuss the solution to overcome on updating the profile picture in Microsoft Teams. Please follow the steps to get your profile picture issue resolved.

It’s likely that your issue is related to the Microsoft Teams cache, so our first step will be to clear it.

Remove cache on Teams

  • Turn off Microsoft Teams totally and make sure all the process of Teams are stopped in your Windows Task Manager.
  • Then open the File Explorer (tip: use the Windows key + E as a shortcut).
  • Type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams in the address bar and hit Enter.
  • Select all and Remove everything inside the folder.
  • Once it is removed, reopen your Microsoft Teams.

Change profile picture in Teams

The next step is to upload a new Microsoft team icon.

  • Click on your profile picture icon on top of your Microsoft Teams.
  • Click on Edit profile.
  • Click Upload picture and select the image that needs to be updated as your profile picture from your computer hard drive, OneDrive , Dropbox or other file sharing service.
  • Once the picture is uploaded, hit Save.

Feel free to leave us a comment in case of follow up questions.