Disable desktop meeting reminders and alerts from Cisco Webex

Few days ago we received the following note from a reader:

Hey! i typically use Microsoft Teams for ongoing project management and communication, but lately we landed a contract with a few customers that use Cisco Webex Meetings for team and supplier collaboration. Now that the project is in full swing and meetings are scheduled left and right, i can’t keep up with the amount of incoming meeting pop up notifications and “beeps” from Webex. Specially due to the fact that i also receive quite a bit of Zoom popups i’d like to disable, as well as Outlook reminders on incoming meetings.

Thanks for the question. With the increasing usage of Team collaboration software (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and others), we also need to deal with an increasing influx of desktop notifications. Those inevitably impact our ability to focus on tasks on hand. Luckily, it’s not that hard to manage Webex notification settings. Read on for a quick answer on how to turn off those desktops alerts and sounds from Webex

Stop Webex pop up notifications and sounds

Assuming that you are on Windows, please proceed as following:

STEP 1: Invoke your Cisco Webex Meetings app either by hitting the Desktop icon or the task bars icons available in the bottom taskbar. If for some reason either of those are not available, simply type the app name in your taskbar Search menu, which you can open by hitting the magnifying glass.

STEP 2: The Webex Cisco Meetings app will come up. In the header hit the Settings icon.

STEP 3: Go to the Notifications tab and disable the Meeting Notifications using the slider then make sure to hit on Save (steps shown below).

Note that from the app you can also set the notification timings, so if Outlook provides by default an alert 15 minutes before meeting starts, Webex could provide an ad-hoc alert at the appointment start time.

That’s pretty much it, but in case that Webex reminders and alerts are still on, make sure to restart your Windows computer and you’ll be all set. Feel free to ask follow up questions as needed.

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