How to modify your Hotmail password in Windows, Android phone, iPhone or iPad?

Applicable to: on Windows (7,8,10), Android and IOS computers, as well as Apple Mail and other 3rd party mail apps on IOS.

Last update: October 2019

This thread started as a question from one of our readers about how to change his Hotmail / / Microsoft Mail password across multiple devices he owns. The original question is shown below:

I would like to change the Hotmail password in my computer. I also own a nice Galaxy Android phone which runs the application. Could you provide some information about how can i modify my account login info without losing access to my inbox, which is critical for me.

Thanks for the question.

Few years ago, Microsoft re-branded their Hotmail web email service and introduced many of us stick to our beloved Hotmail email address, when using

In this post we’ll answer the question from our reader, as well as provide additional processes to reset your Hotmail login info in Windows and iOS devices. This is particularly important due to increasing amount of attempts to hijack 3rd party web email accounts. It’s a good practice to modify your web email credentials every couple months.

Important Note for Android users: As of February 2019, The app on mobile still doesn’t support Microsoft account login password modification and resets. Hence you should first modify your credentials from the site which you can easily access from your device browser (Edge, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). The entire process is detailed in the next section.

Change your Hotmail password

In this section we’ll learn  how you can replace your Microsoft credentials.


Please be aware that the Microsoft account password is needed not only for Hotmail, but also for Skype,  Skype for Business, Microsoft Office 365 online and other Microsoft web services.

If this is your first attempt to modify your access credentials, good chances that Microsoft will require to verify your identity by sending a security code to additional mailboxes (by email) or cellular phones (by SMS) that you have provided during your account setup process.

First off, from your favorite web browser, login to the website and access your mailbox.

Then, on the right hand side, hit your user icon.

Next hit Edit Profile.

Now, in the Your Info area, hit Change password.

Next enter your current credentials and your new ones as shown below.

Hit Save.

Back in your mailbox you’ll receive a new incoming message confirming your credentials modification.

What if i forgot my Hotmail login or password

A couple of readers have asked on what should they do in case that they simply don’t remember their Hotmail login credentials.

In that case, you’ll need to reset your password from the login page. password change on Android

After you modify your password to a new one, proceed as following:

  1. On your Android desktop hit the icon
  2. You’ll be prompted to enter your new password.
  3. Once you do, hit on Sign In and start using Outlook.

Change password for Outlook on IOS (iPhone and iPad, Apple watch devices)

The way to modify your password for IOS depends in which app you’ll be using for accessing your Outlook email.

When using Outlook:

  1. On your iPad or iPhone hit the Microsoft Outlook icon.
  2. If prompted, change your password.
  3. Start using Outlook as usual!

When using the default Mail application:

  1. Access the default Apple Mail application.
  2. Go to your mailbox.
  3. The mailbox will sync up automatically, and you shouldn’t be prompted to change your login details.

Modify Hotmail app password on Iphone, Ipad and Android

First off, if you are still running the legacy Hotmail  app for some reason, consider upgrading, as has much better usability and features. If you opt to continue using your Hotmail app, follow the steps below to change your password in Android phones and Apple devices.

Android Phones :

  • Open your email app and press the Menu button and select More.


  • Choose Account Settings.


  • Then, choose Incoming Settings from the list of options.


  • Enter your new password in the Password field and click on Next.

iPods, iPhones and iPads :

  • Open Settings from the list of icons in the Home.
  • Search for Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap on it.
  • The accounts that are accessed via the devices are listed. Choose Hotmail from the list.


  • Touch Account in the page that opens.


  • Modify the password in the Password field and press Done.


Hope it helps!

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  1. Tried to change my Hotmail password but the description on the webpage is not correct. When I go to the settings of the incoming server, there is no option to change the password.

  2. No kidding. Wth is problem!! I finally hit 1)settings
    then at bottom 2)’More settings
    I 3)Incoming server settings
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