How to open .one files in my Windows PC and MAC?

Here is a question from one of our subscribers:

I have received .one files from my colleagues. I don’t know how to open these files and I don’t find a compatible program in my MAC or in my PC to open. What are these files? How do I open it?

Well, We will provide you all details about .one files in this post and also how to open them in PC and in MAC. Continue reading.

What are .one files?

Files with .one format are files used in Microsoft OneNote.  Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 – all these packages come with OneNote and are used for taking notes and for sharing and collaboration.


In PCs installed with Windows Operating system, you need to install Microsoft OneNote 2010 package to open .one files.

  • Download Microsoft OneNote. You can download only the trial version of the package now.
  • You need to fill out a registration form with your email address to which Trial Product Key will be mailed.
  • Double click the installer file and install OneNote in your system.
  • Launch Microsoft OneNote after installing and you can use it to read .one files.


OneNote is not available as a separate program for MAC. However, you can use the following ways to read .one files in MAC.

Convert to Word (.doc/.docx) files or PDF files

There is a template in the Apple/Mac version of Office 2010 for Word. So you can convert .one files to .doc or .docx files and use Apple version of Office 2010 to read those files. This can be done by saving your files in OneNote with .doc or .docx extension by choosing the “Save As” format. You can also save it with PDF format so you can use a PDF reader in a MAC to read the files.


Convert to HTML

You can export OneNote files in a very easy and understandable HTML format by using this OneNote Web Explorer plugin. You can find a small word like icon in the top navigation menu once you have installed this plugin and click on it to convert to HTML.

Use Evernote

You can also import .one files in Evernote and read .one files using this application. All  you need to do is install Evernote and import files from OneNote by File –> Import –> Microsoft OneNote. A wizard will then guide you through the process of importing One Note files to Evernote.


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