How to create and start Teams meetings?

Here’s a question i got a few days ago: Microsoft Teams was just rolled out in our organization, and it seems people are still getting used to it. How should i schedule my meetings in Teams? Can you provide some best practices for creating and sharing links to Teams meetings? Scheduling Teams meetings For the … Read more

Access or set your Microsoft Teams default download folder

The other day, i got a question from a reader that mentioned that after downloading multiple files in Microsoft Teams, she couldn’t find those files using File Explorer on her Windows computer. Where does MS Teams store files? Microsoft Teams files are stored in the cloud, by default in dedicated SharePoint sites (for files shared … Read more

How stop Microsoft Teams from popping up and loading?

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How to add a custom icon to Microsoft Teams?

A couple days ago, one of our readers asked us if it’s possible to go ahead and set a custom logo for a Microsoft Teams team instead of the default Purple logo. They set up thew team to share material with one of their key customers, and wanted to use a custom logo of their … Read more