How to add Microsoft Teams to Outlook?

Here’s a question from Dolly:

In my previous workplace we used to work with Google Calendar and Zoom and we just switched to Microsoft Outlook and Teams for communication and collaboration. I understand that i can schedule a Teams meeting right from Outlook. The challenge is that i don’t see any Teams button on Microsoft Outlook 365 desktop. Do you know why my Outlook is not showing Microsoft Teams? Is it disabled?

Thanks for the question, see our answer below.

Teams add-in missing or disabled in Outlook

The Teams for Microsoft Office add-in (from Microsoft) that is required to link Teams and Outlook is automatically installed when you setup Teams on a computer that has Microsoft Office 365/2019/206 installed.

Step 1: Verify that Teams in installed in your Computer

  • Key assumption is that the Outlook 365, 2019 or 2016 application is installed on your Windows computer. If you are currently using the desktop client, kindly move to step 2 below.
  • First, ensure that the Microsoft Teams desktop app is installed in your computer. You can easily do that by:
    • Hitting the Search Magnifying glass on your Windows taskbar.
    • Then simply type add and hit the shortcut to the Add or Remove Programs settings.
    • Scroll down the Apps and Features list and ensure that there is an entry for Microsoft Teams.
  • If you don’t see a Teams entry, kindly download and install Teams or ask your Information Technology Teams to help you install it.

Step 2: Enable the Microsoft Teams Outlook Addin

If both Outlook and Teams are installed, you should see a Teams button in your Outlook Calendar app as shown below.

If that’s not the case, then most probably your Teams Addin for Office is disabled. Kindly proceed as following to fix:

  • In Outlook, hit the File menu item.
  • Then select the Options menu and select Addins.
  • In the bottom of the Addins dialog you’ll see a drop-down. Go ahead and select COM Addins and hit Go.
  • Now check the Microsoft Teams Add in for Office entry and hit OK to close the COM Addins dialog.
  • Return to your Outlook Calendar. You should now see a Microsoft Teams section in your Ribbon as shown above.

Step 3: Troubleshoot your installation

If all the above didn’t help, kindly go ahead and proceed as following:

  • Save any open files.
  • Close your existing programs.
  • Restart your personal computer.
  • Open Microsoft Outlook and try again.