How to disable Zoom from automatically running on Windows startup?

Here’s a note we got from Bryan:

I have a Windows computer which i use for work. I typically use Microsoft Teams, but i have a good customer that uses Zoom, so i have downloaded the software to my computer. As i seldom use Zoom, i prefer that it won’t run in the background, which will require me to invoke it manually as needed for usage with my client. I guess my question is whether i can turn Zoom off by default so it it will not pop up when i start up my Windows based laptop.

Hey, thanks for the question. There are probably two options for accomplishing your need.

Turn off Zoom auto start on Windows

  • Open the Zoom application
  • In the Home tab, hit the Settings cog (at your right hand side).
  • Then navigate to the General tab.
  • Then go ahead and uncheck the option named Start Zoom when starting Windows.

Alternatively, you can can use the Task Manager to delete Zoom from your Windows startup:

  • From your Windows 10 task bar, hit the magnifying glass.
  • Type Task Manager and hit Enter.
  • Navigate to the Startup tab.
  • Scroll down to the end of the list, if available, highlight the Zoom entry.
  • Do a right click and select Disable.
  • Close the Task Manager.

I have observed that Zoom has a tendency to stay on, after i exit the application. If so, you might want to exit Zoom from the system tray.

  • In the Windows task bar, hit the System tray upward facing arrow that open the System tray.
  • Next right click the Zoom icon.
  • Select Exit.
  • Zoom will be shutdown, so you can open it up once need for your customer interactions.

Hoefully it helped, feel free to leave a comment in case of follow up questions.