How to insert an animated .gif image to an Outlook 2016 message or signature?

Here’s a reader question:

I would like to add an animated file into an Outlook message that i want to send to a friend having her 50th birthday. Not sure how to this is done. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for the question. The process should be pretty simple, i will explain the process using Outlook 2016, although the process is almost similar with version 2010 and up.

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  • Navigate to your Outlook 2016 message.
  • From the Ribbon, hit Insert.
  • If you have already your animated .gif file stored in your personal computer,hit Pictures.
  • If you would like to search for a graphic on a web browser, Facebook, Twitter etc’, hit Online Pictures. Note that you might be prompted to provide your login credentials to access online resources. Note that in this case, the animation will be visible if the message recipient is connected to the web.
  • Once your graphic file is found, select it and hit Insert again.
  • Once the file is inserted, you are able to resize and format it as needed (using the Format menu).

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