How to add and remove the weather section from Outlook 365?

Applicable to:

  • Microsoft Office 2019, 2016, 2013; both 365 and standard distributions.
  • Windows 10,8 and 7; Apple macOS

The other day, i received the following note from a friend who uses Outlook to manage his mail, contacts, tasks and calendar; and also happens to travel quite a bit in between:-):

Hey, don’t know if you noticed that the Outlook calendar is now shipping a tiny weather widget that displays the current temperature conditions on a predefined city / location. Was wondering whether there is some setting or configuration that will allow me to hide that weather bar in my Outlook calendar as i find it a bit distracting. Any pointers are appreciated 🙂

Yep, one of the new features introduced in Outlook 2013 is the display of a simple weather conditions forecast in your calendar header. For me, that’s quite a nice feature, as it saves me a time to lookup weather forecast conditions in MSN, Accuweather, Weather channel and so forth. That said, removing the bar from Outlook is (luckily) pretty straightforward

Removing the weather bar from Outlook

Proceed as following to hide the weather bar in Outlook:

  1. From the Outlook 365 Ribbon , hit on File.
  2. Now go ahead and select Options
  3. In the Outlook Options dialog, select Calendar.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the dialog and uncheck the ” Show weather on the calendar” box.
  5. Your weather bar won’t be displayed in Calendar.
  6. In that same dialog you are able to determine the Outlook weather settings; so that you can (for example) display the weather in your favorite vacation location in your calendar :-).

Turn off the weather widget in MAC OS X

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook in your MAC
  2. Hit Outlook, then Preferences, then go ahead and select Calendar.
  3. In the Weather section, uncheck the “Show current weather on calendar” box as shown below:

Add the weather bar back to Outlook

The weather section comes enabled by default, however, if it happens to be disabled in your installation, you can add it back quite easily.

All you’ll need to do is to proceed as indicated above. he only difference is to check the “Show weather on calendar” check box, and that will do the trick for you.

Hope it helps!

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  1. thanks! that’s a bit of a no-no like the Vista sidebar. Eats bandwidth but could it pose a security issue, as in another port open?

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