Upload files to Microsoft teams not working – How to fix?

Here’s a question from Ulrich:

I work as a project manager in a remote company out of South East Asia. Part of my job is to share files with my co-workers via channel conversations and 1:1 chats. Thing is that from time to time, file uploads get stuck for some reason. Not sure whether it’s the file size, the internet connection quality or something else. Any pointers on how to file this file sharing issue is appreciated.

Can’t upload files to Microsoft Teams due to errors

Here is a simple process to troubleshoot issues related to file upload and sharing into Microsoft Teams.

Step 1: Check your file size

Microsoft Teams chat file sharing has a 2GB file limit (this is also the file size limit for sharing in meetings). Make sure that the file that you are interested to transfer has a lower size. Consider zipping your file or alternatively sharing it via a network share or a SharePoint site (which has a 250 GB limit per file).

Step 2: Ensure that your internet connection is functional

Next, look into your internet connection health. Open a new browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera) and navigate to a website of your choice. If the internet is functional then move on to the next step.

Step 3: Restart Teams

Sign-off from Teams by right clicking the Teams icon in your Windows task bar right hand side menu and then hit Sign-off. Alternatively you can quit the Teams Application from the same menu bar.

Next, restart Teams and try to send your file.

Step 4: Delete your Teams cache

Next, remove your Teams cache to regenerate client elements that are frequently accessed by Teams mainly to improve performance. Follow our tutorial to clean up the Teams cached data; then open your chat and re-send the file.

Step 5: Update your Microsoft Team software

We will now trigger a manual update of Teams:

  • On Teams top right bar corner, right the 3 points(…) icon next to your profile picture.
  • Hit Check for Updates.
  • Restart Teams as needed.

If the issue is not fixed so far, consider using the Teams web client. Any additional questions, feel free to leave a comment.


What types of files can be uploaded to Microsoft Teams?

  • Teams support a wide range of files including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, pdf documents etc’.
  • Executable files (exe) may be blocked for security reasons.
  • Your organization IT policies might also disallow other file types, like zipped folders.

I can upload files to one channel but can’t to another. What to do?

  • Your Microsoft Team;s storage limit on SharePoint might have been reached or exceeded.
  • The channel you are uploading to might have unique permissions, disallowing file uploads by users.
  • The file type might be restricted by your organization IT policirs.