Microsoft Teams button missing and doesn’t show up in Outlook calendar

Here’s a question from Barron, which we answered over email. We post the response for the benefit of other Microsoft Outlook users who might have trouble when enabling the Teams plugin for Outlook:

I use Microsoft Teams pretty extensively at work. I was just switched from a macOS computer to a Windows laptop. One thing i have observed is that whenever i open Outlook to schedule new meetings i don’t see the Microsoft Teams button or any link to Teams in Outlook. The Information Technology consultant working with us assured me that the teams add in for Outlook integration was installed. Any ideas why this happening and what can i do in order to fix?

Adding the Teams button to Outlook

If your Teams addin for Outlook is indeed installed in your Windows personal computer, then it was most probably disabled for some reason.

  1. First off, go ahead and open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Now open your Calendar.
  3. Hit New Meeting.
  4. You’ll probably won’t see the Teams meeting button in your toolbar.
  1. Close your Outlook Meeting dialog.
  2. Hit File, then select Options from the left hand side menu.
  3. Now go ahead and select Addins
  4. Navigate to the bottom of the Addins dialog. Ensure that the COM Addins option is selected in the drop down.
  5. Hit Go.
  1. Now, in the COM Addins dialog, check the Microsoft Teams entry as shown below.
  1. Hit OK.
  2. Go back to your calendar.
  3. Hit New Meeting. The Teams button is nicely showing up in the Ribbon.

Note: Once the plugin is enabled you’ll notice also a New Meeting button available in your Outlook Calendar Ribbon.

New Teams meeting button still doesn’t show up?

If for some reason the Teams meeting command is still not visible, i would recommend that you’ll restart your PC:

  • Close Microsoft Outlook.
  • Save any existing work in other programs.
  • Restart your Windows computer, by hitting the Start button, then hit the Power button and selecting Restart.
  • Open Outlook and try again.

Teams meeting not showing in Outlook calendar

A somewhat tangent issue you might have encountered is that meetings that you have scheduled in your Microsoft Teams calendar are not synced into your email client, in this case -Outlook.

If that’s the case – then, first off, logoff from Teams, and clear the Teams cache. Then close and re-start Microsoft Outlook.

If that didn’t help, disable the Teams addin for Outlook (uncheck its entry in the COM addins -shown above), then restart Outlook and enable the Teams addin. Then check your calendar – your meeting should be there.