How to group Google Sheets pivot table data by week number?

Here’s a question from Dorothy:

I am using Google Sheets and trying to use a Pivot table to group my data according to the week number. For some reason, that is not possible, although i see many other useful grouping options such as day of the week, day of the month, year-month etc’/ Any hints on how to create a simple pivot table group by calendar week number?

Group Google Sheets table data by week

Step 1: Prepare your data

  • First off, import your data into your Spreadsheet.
  • Next we will use the WEEKNUM function to create a Week Number column for each row in our data set.

Step 2: Create your Pivot table

  • Next, highlight your entire data set by using the following keyboard combination” CTRL+ SHIFT + down and right arrows.
  • The hit the Insert button and select Pivot Table.
  • Select a location in your spreadsheet to position the table and hit OK (alternatively place the pivot table in a different sheet).
  • Add the Week Number to the Rows of the Pivot.
  • Add the Interviews (or any other measure) to the Values section.
  • Optionally add any additional data to the pivot table Columns.

Step 3: Create a chart based on the grouped data

Note: This is an optional step.

  • Highlight your Pivot table – excluding your total row.
  • Hit Insert.
  • Pick Chart
  • Select the Chart type – in our case we will create a column chart.