Unable to share and hear system audio in Microsoft Teams meetings

Here’s a question from Yuri:

I am preparing a nice presentation of our next group meeting. In the presentation i have embedded an mp4 video file that includes sound, which is playing OK in my Windows 11 computer speakers. I also asked a colleague that run a macOS system and that worked fine on his side as well. One of our contractors advised to ensure that the video sound is audible via Teams, because they typically encounter some issues with sharing system audio while in Teams meetings in the past. Any ideas on how to proceed?

Sharing Computer Audio in Microsoft Teams

  • Start or Join your Microsoft Teams meeting via the Chat, Teams applications or alternatively, your preferred calendar (Microsoft Outlook, GMail or other) or the Teams Calendar app iself.
  • Once joined hit the Share content icon from your meeting controls.
  • Switch on the Include computer sound option as shown below to enable system audio sharing via Microsoft Team.
  • If applicable, select your presentation mode screen layout.
  • Select the content that you would like to share: Desktop, PowerPoint Live, Screen, Whiteboard, Camera.
  • Start presenting.

Include system Audio option not showing in Teams on Web

So far the Include Computer sound switch is available in the Windows and macOS versions of Microsoft Teams only and not available in the web version. In case that you need to play audio sounds in your presentation, you’ll need to download the Microsoft Teams client for Windows or macOS.

Next Steps

If you are new to Microsoft Teams and want to up your game, you might want to look at our Teams cheat sheet and basic Teams troubleshooting guides.