Can i delete the vc_red files from my Personal computer?

Last update: September 2018

Applicable to: Windows 10, 7, Vista

Here’s a question from one of our readers:

I just found a program named VC_RED in of the folders of my computer C: drive . Do you guys know what is that file? Is it by chance a virus? Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks for the question. See our answer below:

What are VC_RED files?

VC_RED.MSI (installer) and VC_RED.CAB (cabinet) files are part of the re-distributable package of Visual C++ 2008 that you have installed in your computer.


Most probably, the Visual C++ package was installed on your computer as part of the installation process of other software, that needed VC++ in order to run. The VC_RED files by themselves do not pose a known security threat to your computer security.

Can i remove VC_RED?

Technically, it’s possible to delete the VC_RED files, as well as vcredist, the EULA files and any other files in the unzipped Visual C++ distribution directory. That said, given the fact that their footprint (from disk space perspective) is relatively low, i don’t recommend to start messing with the files.

Hope it helps!

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