Tips for Making Microsoft Word run faster

Word 2010 usually works properly without any problems, but some users have informed us that they find it very slow. In this article, you’ll find some quick DIY tips to make Word 2010 work faster than ever before!

Disable Add-ins:

Microsoft Office has a feature called Add-ins, similar to browser Add-ons or Extensions. Enabling a lot of Add-ins will definitely make word work slower than normal. Here’s how to disable one.

Hit the ‘File’ button at the top right and choose ‘Options’ at the left side of the screen. Now, click on Add-Ins at the left side of the Windows called ‘Word Options’.


Now, Choose ‘Go’ after selecting Manage ‘COM Add-Ins’ at the bottom of the same window.


You may now uncheck the Add-Ins you don’t need in order to disable them. The remove button can be used to permanently remove them from your PC. (In my case, I’ve got just one).


Clean Temporary/Unwanted Files:

Trust me. Cleaning up temporary/unwanted files can do miracles to your system. I suggest a Freeware solution called CCleaner. Now, read this to find out how to use CCleaner effectively. Don’t forget to clean both the Temp files and the Registry. You  should now remove unwanted software that are installed in your system using a Freeware utility called Revo Uninstaller. This is pretty much like Add/Remove Programs and helps you completely get rid of unwanted software.

Hopefully, these steps should make Word much faster. If you don’t notice anything different, leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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