Meeting participants not hearing me on Teams. How to turn on my microphone?

Here’s a question from a reader:

I tried connecting my headphones in Microsoft Teams for a meeting. During the meeting I heard everything discussed by everybody, but surprisingly people did not hear what I spoke. Then I checked in Teams settings and I saw that the headphone also got connected under Microphone settings. But when I tested the call, I did not hear anything I recorded. This is weird as my headphone is working fine on other applications i use on Windows, and also on my macBook macOS operating system. Can you help me to overcome this issue?

Thanks for your question. Yes we have a way to overcome this microphone issue. In this short post, we will first ensure that your audio microphone is enabled in Windows. The next step will be to go ahead and turn on your mic for usage in Microsoft Teams itself.

Ensure that your mic works on Windows

  • Click Start and select Settings.
  • Select Privacy.
  • Select Microphone option in the left side of the privacy settings, under App permissions.
  • Switch the Allow apps to access your microphone from off to on.
  • Now let’s move to Microsoft Teams and test if that has made the difference.

Enable your Microsoft Teams microphone

  • Close your Microsoft Teams and open it again to make sure that Teams gets access for the Microphone.
  • Click on the profile picture at the top and select Settings.
  • Click on Devices, and use the drop-down under Microphone to select your microphone device.
  • Hit the Make a test call button, to record your voice and ensure that your microphone settings issues is now fine and you are audible.
  • If the issue is still not resolved, your next step will be to reboot your Windows computer and execute another Test call as shown above.

Feel free to leave us further questions, we’re happy to help.