How to fix echoing in Zoom (and Teams) meetings?

There are instances where some of our readers encountered echoing issues both in Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings. In this guide, we will offer some basic troubleshooting steps that can get you passed the annoying sounding echoes you might be encountering.

Step 1: Mute other participants’ audio if seated in the same room

This is probably the more trivial case, and it happens when you are seated with colleagues in the same physical room. In this case, you’ll for sure encounter echoing issues in Zoom meetings.

The solution is to make sure that only one person is connected to the Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting as needed to prevent audio issues.

Step 2: Verify audio is not active via computer and phone

Echo issues can occur when the meeting audio is connected both to your phone and computer audio. This is probably another very widespread reason for audio issues in Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Troubleshooting in Zoom:

  • Go to your Zoom meeting invite and connect it to your phone as needed.
  • Hover over the meeting screen to visualize the meeting options bar.
  • Click on the up-facing arrow in the Mute icon.
  • Select Leave Computer Audio to ensure that your computer doesn’t broadcast audio.

Troubleshooting in Microsoft Teams:

Teams will get connected to only one audio at a time. So all we need to make sure is that we are not logged into two devices simultaneously.

That is for today. If you use online collaboration tools, you might to take a look at our best Microsoft Teams tricks and our essential Zoom usage guide.