How to group measures in the Power BI data model?

Here’s a question from a reader:

I have a Power BI data model table for which i have created several measures. I would like to order those in a folder so it’s easier for users to interact with the data model. In the right hand context menu i don’t see an option to create such a Measures folder in the Data panel. Any ideas? What am i missing?

Step 1: Locate your measures in the data model

Important: You can group measure objects only in the Model View. Hence, make sure to switch from the Report or Data View to the Model tab (using the controls at the left hand side of your Power BI user interface) before moving on.

  • Once in the Model View, go to the Data Panel at your right hand side.
  • Locate your table, in our case, its name is Hiring Campaign.
  • As you can noted, the Measures (marked with the calculator icons) are not ordered in some logical way.

Step 2: Group your Power BI Measures in a folder

To group your table measures proceed as following:

  • In the Data Panel, pick the Measures you would like to bring together. Hit your keyboard ctrl button to select multiple objects.
  • Note that once you select your measures, the Properties pane open up.
  • In the Display Folder, enter the name of your Measures grouping folder.
  • A folder is created and all measures placed into it.
  • Once the folder is created, you can drag and drop additional measures or calculated columns into it.

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