How to edit and change your signature in Outlook 2019 / 365 / 2016 emails?

Applies to: Outlook 2019, 365, 2016, 2013; Both on Windows 7/8/10 and macOS.

Here’s a question that we received from a reader who wanted to add his footer signature text in Office Outlook 365:

Hello folks. A customer of mine sent me a note that had a quite fancy signature in the bottom, complete with his name, address, contact details. Wanted to ask you how can i auto insert a signature of my own into my Outlook email. Note that i use multiple email accounts concurrently – Gmail for business usage and for personal; so i would like to have couple of signatures defined. Is that possible? If so, how?

Hey – thanks for the question. Setting your custom signatures for outgoing email messages is pretty simple with Microsoft Outlook. As i am now setting up my new Outlook 2019 installation, i would like to explain the process using that version.  That said, the process is almost identical for other Outlook versions.

Adding signatures in Outlook

Here’s how you create and edit your Outlook email automatic signature:

  1. First off, open Outlook and then select the File menu.
  2. Now, select Options.
  3. Then, go ahead and select Mail.
  4. At the right hand side of the dialog hit the Signatures button.
  5. The following dialog will come up:


  1. Hit New.
  2. Changing your signature is easy: just use the Edit signature box in order to customize your text as required.
  3. Note that you are able to easily add links (to your website and/or email address), pictures and a business card to your signature. You could even make a nice handwritten signature and attach it to outgoing email.
  4. Use  the E-mail account drop down to associate a default signatures to different email accounts (Gmail / Yahoo/ Exchange / Outlook) as needed.
  5. Specify whether your settings should be used for new email/ when replying or in both cases.
  6. Note that you can create as many signature entries as needed. This allows you to setup different default signatures for professional, business and personal usages. Just ensure that the relevant entry is associated with the right email account.
  7. Once done hit, OK.

Create and Change Outlook signatures in MAC OS X

  1. Open your Outlook client and hit Outlook.
  2. Now hit Preferences.
  3. Then, under Email, hit Signatures.
  4. Hit the + sign to add a signature.
  1. Edit the text as needed.
  2. Close the dialog.
  3. Use the Account drop down to associate the signature with a specific email accounts (Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo/Work Exchange).
  4. Specify whether it should be used for new email/ when replying or in both cases.
  5. Go ahead and add additional signatures as applicable.

Changing signatures

Couple reads asked me how they should edit their signatures. So here we go:

  1. From your favorite web browser, go ahead and login to
  2. In the right hand side of the upper task bar, hit the Settings button.
  3. Then in the search box, type Email signature and hit the link below.
  4. The Compose and Reply dialog will be opened as shown below:
  1. Add/Modify your signature text, including links, phone numbers, corporate standard info as needed.
  2. Determine whether you’ll auto include signatures in news emails , email forwarding and replies.
  3. Hit Save.

Backup your Outlook signatures

Couple of readers asked me about where does signatures get saved in Windows, so that they can backup their Outlook email signatures when needed. When switching computers, the already defined personalized signatures can be copied over the network/hard drive or OneDrive and then incorporated into Outlook.

In Windows 7/8 and 10, the Outlook signatures are located at the: C:\Users\<your_user_name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures folder. When creating a signature several files are created in that folder, each corresponding to the different Outlook message formats: htm, rtf and txt. Additionally a folder containing additional files related to the signature is created.

So if you are switching computers and want your signatures to be available for use in Outlook, just make sure that you backup and copy the relevant files mentioned above into the same folder in your new computer; you’ll be all set.

Outlook HTML signatures

Using the HTML format is supported in both Outlook for Windows and MAC.

In Windows just make sure that your email body format is set to HTML (Text Fomat tab and then hit the HTML option).

If you are conversant with Outlook VBA Macros, then you can use the VBA method .HTMLBody allow you to embed any HTML formatted text into your email body text using VBA.

HTML graphics/animations and hyperlinks

You can add a personal touch to the signature by inserting picture (bmp, jpeg, png), animations (gif) and hyperlinks.

When editing your signature in both Windows and MAC versions of Outlook, you’ll find both the Insert Picture and Insert Hyperlink buttons that allow you to accomplish  exactly that.

In order to insert an image proceed as following:

  1. Open the Signatures dialog as shown above.
  2. Hit on the Insert picture icon
  3. Browse to your picture location in your PC.
  4. Select the picture file and hit OK.

Note: Animated files (in gif or swf formats) can also be added, however chances are that policies of different email providers might quarantine messages containing animations or delete the animated files from the email before delivering to its recipients.

That’s it for today, feel free to leave as a comment in case of questions.

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  1. I have no problem making multiple signatures, but I need to change them easily. Going into Preferences then Signatures, then change the default is extremely cumbersome.

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